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In Her Shoes (Widescreen Edition)

In Her Shoes (Widescreen Edition)A sexy irresponsible party girl moves in with her attorney sister. Trouble begins when the party girl beds her sisters boyfriend who then kicks her out of the house. With nowhere to go the party girl moves into the princeton library & sleeps under the carrels. Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 04/15/2008 Starring: Cameron Diaz Shirley Maclaine Run time: 130 minutes Rating: Pg13

Customer Review: Love "In her Shoes"

I love this great movie. It's really good. It's about two sisters named Rose and Maggie Feller. Rose is a lawyer who is kind of plump and has a bad self-image though she is mature and reponisble. Maggie is a beautiful and fun party girl who is outgoing and loves hanging out with men who find her iressible. Maggie calls Rose to come pick her up at her 10 year high school reunion one night. Rose does, only to find Maggie drunk and wearing her shoes. Maggie loves to borrow them since she can't really afford any nice heels herself. She takes Maggie home with her, and Maggie lives with her a while. My favorite part of this is when Maggie puts milk in ice cream and then eats it. That looks so good. I want to try to make that myself and eat that. It looks delicious. Maggie tries on Rose's high heels while Rose is at work. She loves all the nice things her sister has. Maggie tries out for a spot on MTV but doesn't make it since she can't read the words and it goes too fast. One night after a fight Rose tells Maggie that she has to move out. Maggie is angry so she sleeps with her sister's boyfriend and this causes Rose to be really angry. She calls Maggie stupid and Maggie yells that Rose is a fat pig. Then Maggie leaves and goes off to Florida where their grandmother lives in a senior center, a grandmother netheir Maggie or Rose ever knew about. Maggie meets her grandmother Ella (played by Shirley McLaine) for the first time and lives at the old folks home working there and helping an old man by reading to him. The old man, a former school teacher helps Maggie learn how to read. Maggie gets smarter and bonds with her grandmother who has secrets of her own about Maggie's dead mother. Rose meanwhile is dating a guy from work and falling in love with him. She even is planning on marrying him. She finds out about the grandmother through birthday cards Ella sent them as children and Ella who wants to know her other granddaughter sends Rose a letter. Rose flies to Florida only to discover her sister is living there too. All three bond over a dark past, one in which their mother who was mentally ill took them out one day when they were kids and it was a good day. Rose a got a Nancy Drew book and Maggie got a dog named Honey Bun and they both got out of school and ate wonderful chocolate baked by their beautiful mother. But it was also sad because the school called their father and he found out they weren't there. When they return home from shopping, their father and mother fight and he tells her he's going to put her away. Their mother says she's a good mother. Rose hears all this, but Maggie doesn't since she's in her room listening to music. Their mother leaves angry and drives her car into a tree, killing herself. Rose remembers this very clearly from that day, even though her father remarried to a horrible wicked stepmother who makes Rose's and Maggie's lives hell. Maggie never knew this until her sister tells her that she was trying to protect her from it. Maggie understands, and forgives her sister. Likewise, Rose forgives Maggie for sleeping with her boyfriend. They both make up and start over. Rose married the guy and Maggie reads a beautiful poem at her wedding. Then Rose takes off to a new life and Maggie greets her farewell. I love this movie. It's cool. And it's funny and sweet and cute and touching and good. I love Toni Collette as Rose. I loved her in "Evening" and "Little Miss Sunshine" but in this she's really awesome. And Cameron Diaz, who I loved in "The Invisible Circus," is really good as Maggie. She's a beautiful blonde actress who is sexy and has such chrisma. It's a great flick for a girl's night in. All girls can see this movie and get something out of it. It's about sisters, family and secrets from the past can change who we are today. I love this film. I love the book, too. Even though it's long, it's still worth reading though it's a little different then the movie. See this movie or buy it. It's worth the money. It's about relationships and family.

Customer Review: a great chick flick

So this movie is based on the Jennifer Weiner novel of the same novel. I gotta say the movie is pretty great, I'd say even better than the novel which I've also read. I think Cameron and Toni were a great choice for the two sisters. I felt the movie was witty, intelligent, realistic and overall a great movie.

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