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Ultra Snow and Ice Grip

Ultra Snow and Ice GripPlace Snow and Ice Grips on your casual, dress or athletic shoes for added traction when the ground is frozen!

Customer Review: More People Should Know About These

After sustaining a rather severe knee injury slipping on the ice, I sought to take more care in my choice of footwear, including obtaining over-the-sole cleats. As I already have tungsten carbide studded bicycle tires, I was appreciative of the technology. Chicago often has rapid temperature changes, leading to freezing over of sidewalks and streets, which makes a simple walk a dangerous endeavor. Running across the an icy street one day in February, I slipped on the ice and, in an attempt to maintain my balance, over-exerted my left quadriceps tearing the muscle right off the kneecap. When I arrived at the emergency room, I found that it was filled with patients who had fallen on the ice.

I had been researching over-the-sole cleats online for some time when I stumbled across the Get-A-Grip ice cleats in Walgreens. It was right around the time Chicago had a thaw and freeze over. It was a worthwhile purchase that provided immediate benefits. They dramatically increase traction on ice, are simple to use and are relatively lightweight. I wish I knew about them a year ago as I would have a avoided a painful injury and thousands of dollars in medical bills.

The Grip-A-Grip cleats are nice but not perfect. The rubber lattice structure holds them on the bottom of the sole fairly well but they can fall off. It would be nice to have an over-the-top strap that holds them more securely. Also, the plastic grommets holding the tungsten studs can break in extreme circumstances. I shattered two of them stomping on a ceramic tile to test the potential damage to finished floors. Suffice it to say, the tile cracked as well. The second pair of Get-A-Grip cleats I purchased came with two spare individual cleats so the company understands they are not indestructible.

More people should be aware of this type of product. I am glad that mainstream stores such as Walgreens now sell the Get-A-Grip cleats as many would benefit from wearing them when treacherous icy streets lead to injuries.


+Dramatically increases traction on ice

+Relatively lightweight


-Can fall off in some circumstances

-Individual cleat grommets can crack under extreme pressure

-Potentially damaging to finished floors

Customer Review: What they don't tell you

My wife bought me a pair for Christmas this past year. While I was packing for a trip recently, I placed these on a very expensive wood dresser. Upon our return 6 days later, I picked them up off the dresser and was astonished to see a perfect imprint of the whole traction device in the dresser. Nothing was set on top of them, they were not in direct sunlight, they were simply laying on the dresser. Somehow, the rubber had a reaction with the finish on the dresser and the stain/imprint is now permanent!

I immediately contacted the company and sent them some photos of the damage. Much to my amazement, here's their response:

I have been forwarded an email with explanation from our sales department. While I understand that your wife may be upset over the dresser, Sure Foot Corporation cannot assist you or pay you money (if that is your reason for calling) for placing Get A Grips on the dresser and leaving them there for a period of days. The intended use of the Get A Grip is that it be placed on the a shoe, after determining the type of Get A Grip which should be placed on the particular shoe and making sure sizing is correct) and that it be used as an aid in traction in walking on flat surfaces which may have less than optimal conditions due to ice.

I would suggest that you contact a woodworking/carpenter type of specialist and see what suggestions they may have for assistance. Therefore to be clear, your claim is denied. Any further comments or questions should be directed to me directly and no one else in the company.

Shirley Dvorak

General Counsel

Sure Foot Corporation

After getting this lame response to the problem with their product, I responded with:

Dear Shirley,

Needless to say, I'm disappointed with your response. Rest assured, I will be returning both pairs for a full refund. I will also be telling every person that has bought one of your products about this incident and your response.

There was absolutely no disclaimer on the packaging that by placing the item on a wood surface, it may be damaged by your product. Your justification for not following through with my claim is a joke. Are you suggesting that once a person buys this product, they are to immediately place them on their shoes and never take them off? In reality, I'd guess that 100% of the people that buy this product need to take them off their shoes at some point and place them some where. It's too bad that there are getting to be so many companies out there like yours that don't "fess up" to problems when they are brought to their attention as in this case. It's sadly poor customer service. I will simply spend my money with companies that stand behind their products and who also "follow up" when problems are brought to their attention.

Good luck to your company in the future as you'll never get a penny from me for any of your products from this day forward.

So, to anyone considering this product, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone would like photos of the damage these can cause on a wood surface, drop me an email.
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